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To provide easier access for gamers. Our engine is designed to run games on PC for both gaming and non-gaming rigs.

Partner and Host Your Game with PC.Game

With our help, you can use our platform to host the games you have. We provide a quick and fast alternative way for gamers to play the games on PC.

Register here and partner with PC.Game™ and have your games seen by a constantly active community of gamers from every corner of the globe.


Gaming has become more fun and accessible to play on the PC. By eliminating the use of a third party android emulator, gamers can play on a bigger screen and with more control.

We at PC.Game™ are proud to host hundreds of games that you can embed onto your website. Do you need the latest free-to-play game that kids love? We got it. Want a trending game that millions of people are playing today? We can provide that. Browser games are still alive and kicking and that experience becomes more thrilling with the PC.Game™ engine. Check out our list of the hottest free-to-play games!

Dedicated Team and Passionate Workers

Our company is made of a diverse team of passionate workers who dedicate their time to create a lucrative and fun environment for both partners and users. Our work is our love.

PC.Game's Ad Operations Team

Ad Operations

Responsible for the management of customer traffic and ads for the right demographic.

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In charge of creating PC ports of handheld free-to-play games and optimize them.

Meet the Team
PC.Game's Engineering Team
PC.Game's Research & Development Team


Research and development to create and improve the PC.Game™ engine and look for the best games.

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Manages the finance of the company and its analyses of user traffic.

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PC Game's Sales & Marketing Team
PC.Game's Support & Operations Team


Takes care of user feedback, provides solutions to technical problems and help users in real-time to solve the situation.

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Meet Eliza Nell Park of PC.Game
Eliza Nell Park

Paid Ads Manager

Eliza is in charge of the ads for our social media page. She also loves trying out different cake recipes at home and hopes to one day have her own bakery.

Meet Hillary Clark of PC.Game
Hillary Clark

Optimization Manager

When it comes to leading a team, nobody in her department does it better than Hillary. Also, she’s an avid fan of League of Legends. Don’t mess with her; she’s a Diamond 3 mid laner.

Meet Oliver Dennis Lewis of PC.Game
Oliver Dennis Lewis

PPC Specialist

Oliver is a serious PPC Specialist but gets really wild and out when it comes to the arcade. He’s naturally good at skiiball and Tekken 7.

Meet John Roscoe Santos of PC.Game
John Roscoe Santos

Social Media Manager

John likes to keep up to date with the latest trends in social media. And the same can be said when it comes to the hottest latest episode in a show on Netflix.


Meet Liam Anderson of PC.Game
Liam Anderson

DevOps Engineer

Liam makes sure the engine for PC.Game is working at peak conditions. Outside work, he likes to play party games with friends at home – specifically Smash Bros.

Meet Rudolph Sylvester Kwan of PC.Game
Rudolph Sylvester Kwan

Full Stack Developer

Rudolph is great in stacking two things: as a full stack developer and stacking his Q’s as Nasus in League of Legends. You don’t want to mess with him at Top lane.

Meet Nicholas Glen Davis of PC.Game
Nicholas Glen Davis

Software Developer

Nick is the brains behind making the PC.Game engine run smoothly. You know what else he’s smooth at? Dancing in Just Dance for the Switch.

Meet Wayne Philip Lewis of PC.Game
Wayne Philip Lewis

Chief Technology Officer

Wayne is our resident CTO and a proud collector of Pokemon cards. Sometimes he’d show up at work just to flex on the rarest card he found at Ebay.

Meet Christian Lee of PC.Game
Christian Lee

Quality Assurance Analyst

Being a QAA is a tough job. For Christian, it’s a passion. He also likes to read Warhammer books since he’s been a fan of the Warhammer 40K games starting at age 7.


Meet Mirriam Allie Ball of PC.Game
Mirriam Allie Ball

Game Designer

Mirriam is a great game designer who always finds inspiration in indie games like Gris and Journey. She recommends playing artsy games than spending time on competitive PvP.

Meet Franklin Mathew Robins of PC.Game
Franklin Mathew Robins

Game Developer

Contrary to what Franklin does at PC.Game, his hobby is flying drones. “It’s more immersive and thrilling than sitting at home playing video games” he said once.

Meet Shannon Cheng of PC.Game
Shannon Cheng

Lead Development

Porting games onto the PC is tough but if you need someone to do it in a breeze, you call Shannon. Off-duty, Shannon likes to watch esports events, especially for CSGO and Rainbow Six: Siege.

Meet Amy Geraldine Yuan of PC.Game
Amy Geraldine Yuan

Web Developer

Amy is great at creating lucrative websites but claims she is terrible in creating the right decks in Hearthstone. She may not be the best card player but she’s the best WebDev in our company.


Meet Pete Douglas Vergara of PC.Game
Pete Douglas Vergara

Account Executive

Pete manages the finance of the company pretty well but not so much when he’s playing SimCity or Cities Skylines. Yeah, he’s into city simulators. A LOT.

Meet Roland Emil Thomas of PC.Game
Roland Emil Thomas

Account Executive

Roland likes to keep things orderly which is no surprise why he keeps his inventory tidy and arranged when playing Minecraft and Terraria. He’s messy eater though and he’s proud of it.

Meet Carolyn Ann Murphy of PC.Game
Carolyn Ann Murphy

Account Manager

Carolyn is a consistent account manager who is also consistent in logging in for bonuses in her Gacha games especially Love Live and FGO. Also has not spent a dime in Gacha games.

Meet Laura Tan of PC.Game
Laura Tan

Business Development

The brain behind the growth of the company. When Laura isn’t making ends meet at work, she’s at home spending time with her cats while watching the latest Netflix shows.

Meet Irvin Tony Lim of PC.Game
Irvin Tony Lim

Director of Sales

Irvin is the man of the hour in his department but likes to be humble whenever he plays MMORPGs like WoW or TESO since he mains the Healer role.


Meet Bennie Dan Dizon of PC.Game
Bennie Dan Dizon

Help Desk Support

When you need help, you call Bennie. The same way can be said when you ask him for the best music to listen to in Spotify.

Meet Percy Bill Iqbal of PC.Game
Percy Bill Iqbal

Operations Team Lead

Percy is a natural leader in both at work and in games. Whether it’s meeting deadlines or capturing the flag in Halo, Percy is your man.