What We Do

Providing High-Quality games

We believe that you don’t need to pay all the time to experience high-quality games. Here at PC.Game™, we provide games that are free to play and download. Pick the title you like, install it in your PC and get to play within a few minutes.

Beyond Hosting Android Games

PC.Game™ does not just host another Android emulator. We make gaming transform into a full PC experience. We treating the games as actual desktop games. You do not need to launch a 3rd party emulator program to run the games you like. All you really need is our game launcher.

Our Very Own Launcher

Rather than just creating a proxy phone on a PC, we have a game launcher with a library of more than 1000 Android games to choose from. You don’t need to run a separate emulator to play the games you want. It’s simple: search a game you like, click install, and play. Easy, right?

Streamlined UI

We believe that simplicity is the best design. We don’t need to make everything flashy and loud; we get it, you want to ease yourself, relax and play some good games. That is why we made our platform very easy for you to navigate. Whether you are manually looking for the games you want in the search bar or navigate through the hottest trending games on our front page, we got you covered.

Why You Should Partner with Us

Why not join us in creating a better future for gaming for millions of players around the world? Use our platform in order to run your games in a more convenient fashion. Are you a publisher that is looking for a fresh platform to show off your games? Let us know.

Join an Active Community

PC.Game™ is a home to many dedicated gamers who want to experience gameplay on their PC.

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